Honeywell TE923W Deluxe Weather Station Reviews

It has everything you would need with a refined touch to put it above the competition. For instance you get an atomic time clock which will probably be the most punctual time in your house.
The station itself has many features:
– Air temperature,
– Relative humidity,
– Barometric pressure,
– Wind speed and direction,
– Rain gauge to measue rainfall,
– Measurement of UV levels,
– Atomic time,
– Perpetual calendar and more.

In the package you get the main unit or the receiver with the infrared remote control and then the weather instruments: rain gauge, anemometer to measure wind speed and direction, UV sensor, five channel temperature and humidity sensor. All these sensors also have a transmitter which operates at 433 Mhz radio frequency so there are no cables needed which assure you an easy installation. The maximum range of the transmitters is 328 feet (100 meters) in the open area. Placing it inside your home you should take into the consideration the structure of your home since the quality and range of transmission will drop if your walls are made of concrete and thick. This is indeed the best weather station for home which you can buy. It may not be the cheapest option but it is better than most of the weather stations available in the market today. Honeywell is the decent brand in wireless weather stations.

Along with all the sensors you get the CD disk to connect your TE923W Complete Weather Station to your PC with an USB cable. For the main unit you also get the power AC/DC adapter.
The main unit has a lovely and clear display separated in seven windows that display different weather data categories. Nice addtion is a moon phase and for the temperature the history bar-chart gives you a clear indication of temperature trend. So it makes an easy weather forecaster. It also shows you the graphical weather forecast so you will know what kind of weather is coming.

Honeywell home weather station TE923W
The whole system with all the sensors needs 12 AA batteries and 2 AAA batteries. The manufacturer prefers using alkaline batteries since rechargeable batteries can’t maintain correct power. When the main unit is running only on batteries auto backlight control and handheld remote control functions will be disabled.
The station has eight-channel capability and will accept up to four additional sensors for your convenience. Even the clock has an added feature – an alarm with snooze and never needs resetting. The atomic clock is updated automatically each day. You can also read Acurite weather station reviews to know more about different good weather stations.

Choosing the Best Tankless Water Heater for your next Camping Trip

One has to be really conscious while purchasing the tankless water heater, as the number of different brands are manufacturing a same product and advertising their product with the best convincing words to attract the attention of the buyers. Now, it’s a confusing task for the buyer to select the best of all. While purchasing, the buyer should be enable to compare the same product of different brands to choose the best. This can only be done by having the prior knowledge about the different brands manufacturing the similar product. So, it will be very easy then to buy a reliable branded product. Following are the most highly recommended and sold branded tankless water heaters:

  • Rheem- Branded tankless water heater model:

Rheem is being widely preferred by the users and has been highly recommended, because its models of tankless water heater, are offering a number of advantageous features to all of its clients around the world. The best tankless hot water heater by Rheem are offering the modern and powerful efficient performance in their task. These water heaters having another benefit is the compactness. These are very compact and their installation is also really easy and can be done anywhere either inside or outside the edifice, effortlessly. Examples of the most widely sold models of Rheem Electric powered heaters is the RTE 27 sequence, highly efficient in its performance and needs rare servicing. Another popular model is the RTE eighteen collection, which is giving plenty of the options to its customers by variety in the features of its models.


  • Whirlpool Electric Heaters:

Whirlpool electric heaters are also among the top most sold and recommended branded tankless water heaters. These are unique in their features which is the main reason of their recommendation. The most advantageous feature being offered to its customers is the energy saving capability in these water heaters. This feature of saving energy attracts most of the customers as the electric energy consumption is the big issue in the use of electric water heaters. The whirlpool water heaters consumes less electricity but performs well like other branded heaters. Apart from the saving energy, these electric water heaters are “virtually smart” and quick in performance. Obviously, such a product with ideal features, is always the most preferred one. Another attractive feature is the reliability of its models, as these are demanding lower servicing. So, it’s beneficial and won’t requires laborious cleaning procedure. Flame Whirlpool heater is one of the highly recommended and user- friendly model having all the ideal features.

  • GE Electric tankless heaters:

GE electric tankless heaters’ series is also really enchanting because of its models, having a number of features, going as per the interest of its customers. Its model named as GE H2, like whirlpool’s models, enable to save energy by consuming less electricity but performance is not at all sub-standard. This model consumes less electricity than that of the past ordinary h2o tanks.  Another important significance is the reliable material / substance, being used in it which increase its performance time. Even the models of GE are having this characteristic “Smart Shield Sensor System”, which enables these H2 heaters to detect danger as any flammable. So, it’s offering great safety.

You can have other good brands such as Navien and for more information, have a look at some of the best navien tankless water heater reviews.



Golf range finder helps a golfer to identify own skills. With the help of it, a golfer can found how far and with how speed and in what time, the golf ball is travelling after making a shot. Golf range finder usually works with GPS system. Thousands of golf range finders are available in market and therefore, one can be very much confused which one to buy. Here, are some simple steps which can help a golf to find his best range finder for improving own skills.


There are two types of rangefinders- one, loaded with extra features to help beginners enhancing their skills and the other one for professional golf players.  For beginners, range finders of slope edition are capable of measuring the surrounding climate, swing of the golf ball, distance and specially the time. Thus, it helps in understanding own skills and drive for more improvement.  On the other hand, if one is a professional golfer, then, the one for only using in tournaments are best for them. It only measures the distance of the ball. So, according to need and skill, make decision for choosing golf rangefinder.


Golfers are always in search of success in professional golf playing. So, in order to achieve this feet, one must enhance own skill in swinging the ball and in reaching the right distance.  Nevertheless, if one is unaware of how much pressure at the time of driving a ball, it becomes difficult to be successful. Here, comes the importance of range finder. With loaded features like accuracy, distance mapping, magnification etc can help one understanding own skill. If more extra features like identification between trees and flags are required for perfectly mapping the swing of a ball, then, buy the one from Bushel-Bushel pro X7 slope. It comes with multi-coated lens and in cheap price. Therefore, at time of choosing golf rangefinders considering of special features is essential for both professionals and beginners of golf players. Read golf laser rangefinder reviews to know more about top quality rangefinders.

Distance covered:

While choosing a rangefinder, consider how far distance can it cover. Usually a professional golf player can fly away a ball up to 300 yards. Some golfers can hit a ball to fly away up to 400 yards also. Even, one is a beginner in this field and if the begin is a good athlete, then it is evident that, the golf ball will fly a long distance. So, while making buying decision about a golf range finder, just consider the distance covering ability and you are good to go. Range finders from Bushel and Nikon are capable of covering distance up to 1500 yards and they also some in reasonable price.


 Price is a big factor for every product purchase. However, in golf, buying of a range finder is not so necessary. If, extra practice and improvement 6 in skill is required, then it is applicable. So, try to buy low priced range finders with minimum features like distance covering and accuracy. Nonetheless, if one wants to have all the features like scanning, magnification, identification of flags and trees and good branded product, then consider higher priced products.

Considering these factors, one can buy best range finders from thousands of range finders available in market.


Need to do some wood splitting work and do not have one and even, confused about how to choose one for your splitting work, this is your final destination. In this article, the necessary requirements of a log splitter are described which is very helpful in choosing the right log splitter for both home and commercial work purposes.

Consider size:

Size of log splitter needs to be considered for commercial use. For heavy work like timber woodcutting, big sized log splitters are appropriate. If wish to use only for domestic purposes, smaller log splitters may fit according to the need.

Consider style:

There are varieties of log splitters available- electric powered, gas powered and petrol powered. Choosing of the log splitter depends on for which purpose it is going to use. Foe indoor work, one can buy an electric log splitter. For outdoor work like woodcutting for firewood making in a picnic spot, petrol powered log splitters are appropriate. Therefore, while planning to buy a log splitter, just remember one thing, for which purpose, it is going to be used.

Consider quality of engine:

Engine quality is the main thing that drives the performance of a log splitter. If the engine is good, it is going to be used for a long time; either the investment in it will be an absolute waste. Honda makes some of the best engines. They are excellent performer. There are other engines as well which gives good performance, but the one come with Honda engine give 7 years of warranty and the spare parts are easily available in market. If a log, splitter is damaged due to some reasons and the spare parts are unavailable in market, it is going to be a big mistake choosing that log splitter. Therefore, whenever, planning to buy a best log splitter, just focus on engine quality and experience first class log splitting facility.

Consider quality of hydraulic oil pump:

Hydraulic oil pump is very important to focus on while buying a log splitter. The hydraulic oil pump gives hustle free work and reduces extra workload. Moreover, for petrol powered log splitters, it is the ultimate source of performance. So, at the time of choosing the right log splitter, consider quality of hydraulic oil pump.

Consider branded product:

Spare parts of branded products are always available in market. Moreover, branded products give high performance in log splitting. They also come with long years of warranty. Customer service is also very good of branded products like Champion, Ariens, and Dirty Hand etc. Branded products not only give high performance, but their customer service is very good.

Find out how much safety:

Though log splitters cut down a chunk of in a very short period, it is very risky also. Everything that goes into the splitter split into thousand pieces. Therefore, for safety concerns, consider those, which needs to be operated with both hand like ones from Ariens.

By following the steps, one can buy a good performing and cost efficient log splitter. However, if one is trying to save money, comprising with quality is essential which degrades performance as well durability.